How to Install WordPress® With cPanel/WHM

Overview WordPress®, a web-based content management system, allows users to easily create a website or blog. This document describes how to install WordPress on your cPanel account. Install WordPress Install WordPress from WordPress Toolkit In cPanel & WHM version 92 and newer, users can install WordPress through the WordPress Toolkit interface. For instructions on how to install WordPress through WordPress Toolkit, read Plesk’s WordPress Toolkit documentation. Install WordPress from […]


What’s New in WordPress 5.6 (Features and More)

WordPress 5.6 was released earlier Yesterday, and it is the last major release of 2020. This new release is packed with a lot of improvements and new features. It also includes a brand new default WordPress theme. In this article, we’ll share what’s new in WordPress 5.6, and which features you should try after updating your websites. WordPress 5.6 is a major release, and unless […]


How to Secure a Website from Hackers [5 Step Guide]

As a website owner, is there anything more terrifying than the thought of seeing all of your work altered or entirely wiped out by a nefarious hacker? We see data breaches and hacks in the news all the time. And you may think, why would someone come after my small business website? But hacks don’t just happen to the big guys. One report found that […]

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