Web Hosting Tips You Should Know (Before You Pay Up)

Good hosting is crucial to any website. They are the foundation of your website, your brand, and your business. Any server downtime could potentially hurt and ruin everything you’ve developed over the years. If you are serious about your website, you need to make sure they are in good hands. It is tough to choose between web hosting companies these days, especially as we are always […]


The 5 myths to debunk about web hosting.

Are you about to buy a web hosting service and don’t know how to extricate yourself from the maze of offers, services and options that overflow every day from the Internet? Let’s start to clarify the topic by debunking the five most common myths about web hostings … 1. Any hosting web goes well Nothing could be further from reality. Web hosting, of fact, should be chosen […]


Looking for a Web Hosting Service in Zimbabwe? Ecowebzim Is Worth a Good, Hard Look.

Every business these days needs a website. More and more business is done online, with some retailers reporting online sales growth of almost 300 percent over the past year. Ecommerce is changing the way people shop, and businesses should be ready to adapt. One of the first steps businesses can take is to build a website, but that can get expensive in a hurry when […]

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