Essential Questions to Ask When Choosing Hosting Provider

9, 75,000. This is the search result for “cheapest hosting”. Do you also choose a hosting provider in the same way? Having a relationship with a hosting provider is a lot like online dating. In order to have a successful relationship, you cannot just go for the cheapest hosting provider or the first person you meet through the online portal. Just like dating, a successful […]


Things You Need to Know About Web Hosting Before You Sign Up for an Account

1. There’s a Big Difference Between Hosting Types Web hosting may be the most underappreciated part of the World Wide Web. Everything you love about the Internet—podcasts, memes, articles, tweets, websites, online gaming, Netflix content—lives on a server that an individual or company pays to keep up and running so that you can access it. Web hosting is an invisible yet essential element of the online […]


What should I know about shared hosting?

Shared hosting is a budget-friendly solution for businesses looking to run a website whilst avoiding the necessity of purchasing and maintaining a server in-house. It means that your website will be held on a third-party host server, along with other organisations’ websites, and you will be able to access round-the-clock tech support in case anything goes wrong. YOU ARE READING What should I know about […]

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