What Is Web Host Manager (WHM) & What Can You Do With It?

If you’ve been building websites for a while, you’ve probably heard of WHM, even if you’re not using it yet. But like a lot of our customers who have web design and reseller businesses, you may wonder what WHM can do for you. The short answer is “a lot.” The longer answer is the rest of this post—read on for answers to your WHM questions. […]


How to Install WordPress® With cPanel/WHM

Overview WordPress®, a web-based content management system, allows users to easily create a website or blog. This document describes how to install WordPress on your cPanel account. Install WordPress Install WordPress from WordPress Toolkit In cPanel & WHM version 92 and newer, users can install WordPress through the WordPress Toolkit interface. For instructions on how to install WordPress through WordPress Toolkit, read Plesk’s WordPress Toolkit documentation. Install WordPress from […]

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