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On the web, the name of your domain represents your identity. It’s how people manage to find you, the name your potential customers approach. For this reason, before buying a domain, always make sure you are choosing the right name. In this guide, you will find eight useful tips for registering your domain.

1) Unique and unrepeatable!

The domain name covers a fundamental role in the construction of your business identity. Therefore, do so that it reflects the exclusive character of the latter and that it follows these two simple rules …

  1. Never choose a name that can easily be confused with that of the competition
  2. In the case in which the domain name at which you were thinking had already been taken, avoid using the plural as a “fallback” form.

2) Easy to remember

“Short” and “catchy” are your new keywords!

The more letters you enter and the more words you enter, the more likely it is that someone will fail to write the name of your domain or, worse, forget it.

3) Help yourself with a Domain Tool

Nowadays, finding free domains is not that difficult; on the other hand, it is much more difficult to find a name that respects certain rules and, at the same time, is of considerable impact.

It is precisely to combat this curious “writer’s block” that the domain tools are born, simple random name generators, often divided into suffixes and prefixes, very easy to use and, above all, without additional costs!


4) Eye to Copyright!

Never use a registered trademark or a copyrighted word as your domain name. Before proceeding with registration, carry out a targeted search on the Internet.

5) Keyword … it’s better!

Although it no longer represents a determining factor for the correct positioning on search engines, inserting a keyword that represents your company is very useful.

6) Bidding numbers and punctuation

Entering any punctuation in your domain name means one thing: losing Internet traffic. The same thing goes for the numbers which, if possible, should always be avoided.

7) Invest in names

Registering domains is no longer expensive. Many companies Like us, for example, offer the possibility of buying domains for less than $2.00 a year. Take the opportunity to purchase multiple third-level domains: in this way, you will avoid that your site’s Internet traffic is misdirected.

8) The identity of domains

There are numerous third-level domains on the Net: some are very generic (.com), others tend to be economic (.net), others still represent nationality.

9) Attention to the language

Absolutely avoid buying a domain representing a nationality and then dedicating the content and/or language of the site to a different nationality. For this reason, it should be avoided for example to buy a German .de domain and write the site in English and dedicate it to the English people. This domain will automatically be optimized for the German public by google. In fact, for this type of domain on Google Webmaster Tools, there is no possibility to change the geotag settings of the domain.

Knowing the characteristics of each domain is very important in choosing the right name for you!

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