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Useful Tips for choosing the right name for your own domain

On the web, the name of your domain represents your identity. It’s how people manage to find you, the name ...

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Free SSL Certificate What it is and how to get one

Free SSL Certificate: What it is and how to get one?

Yes, today you can’t do without the HTTPS protocol! You have no choice, you must have it. That’s why I ...

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HTTPS error: Dangerous user vulnerabilities!

The HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure transmission protocol, better known as HTTPS is now considered the standard for making the websites ...

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What should I know about shared hosting 1024x576 1

What should I know about shared hosting?

Shared hosting is a budget-friendly solution for businesses looking to run a website whilst avoiding the necessity of purchasing and ...

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Cheap Web Hosting Hidden Costs Explained

Cheap web hosting is like a pinata full of coleslaw – designed to look good until it breaks. You may have ...

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579371 how we test web hosting services

3 Tips On How To Choose Your Web Hosting in Zimbabwe

It’s a little common dilemma: which web hosting provider should I entrust my sites to? This dilemma applies to developers, ...

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The 7 Best Website Hosting Questions to Ask Your Web Host

The 7 Best Website Hosting Questions to Ask Your Web Host

As a marketing tool, your business website is one of your most powerful assets. It promotes your company by showcasing ...

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how to protect website from hackers 1

How to Secure a Website from Hackers [5 Step Guide]

As a website owner, is there anything more terrifying than the thought of seeing all of your work altered or ...

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5 Questions to Determine If You’ve Outgrown Your Web Hosting

Web hosting can seem like a commodity these days. You just choose the amount of disk space and bandwidth you ...

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Looking for a Web Hosting Service in Zimbabwe? Ecowebzim Is Worth a Good, Hard Look.

Every business these days needs a website. More and more business is done online, with some retailers reporting online sales ...

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